Monday, July 28, 2008


“Media advocacy is an extremely powerful tool for advocates to use in working for change,” explained Mark Hurley, Director, International Communications from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK), during his session Monday which described working with journalist for tobacco control advocacy. Hurley emphasized the importance of: incorporating media strategy into the work plan upfront, researching your target audience, determining which media is most effective for delivering the message, understanding who your opponents are, and how to promote your story. Hurley stated that the key to a successful media campaign is to have the same message conveyed through multiple channels, through both paid and earned media.

Following Hurley’s presentation was a case study by Zhong Lu, CTFK advocacy coordinator China, highlighting activities undertaken in China such as: workshops for journalists, partnerships with both governmental and non-governmental organizations, and actions surrounding smoke free Beijing.

-Naseeb Kibria, Institute for Global Tobacco Control

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No-tobacco coverage in the media enhances the effectiveness many times. Editorial publicity is viewed with more credibilty than paid publicity and hence the news coverage of no-tobacco activity and publication of other facts related to tobacco will definitely have a bigger impact.