Saturday, July 26, 2008


In a crowded classroom, participants erupted into laughter. An especially effective anti-smoking advertisement from England flashed on the screen. It read--

Bad News: Smoking Causes Impotence.
More Bad News: These same ads are in the Ladies Room.

"Remember, you have to think about your goals, your target audience and what's going to work with them," says Karen K. Gutierrez, director of the Global Dialogue for Effective Stop Smoking Campaigns. In anti-smoking campaigns, advocates need to address two questions:

Why should I quit?
How can I quit?

Research shows campaigns that focus on these principals are most effective--, regardless of audience age. For the question of "why?," the most effective ads focus on graphic, dire consequences of smoking. For "how?," ads that lends support are most effective. By far, the best campaigns-- whether T.V., radio, print or elsewhere-- answer both.

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