Tuesday, July 29, 2008


“Why do we study the cost of smoking?” asked Hana Ross of the participants in her session on Tuesday. Ross went on to explain to the participants that it is essential to study the cost of smoking to assess the economic impact of smoking behavior on society, individuals, state budgets and finally on business employers.

Ross provided examples of the various classifications of the cost of smoking: direct healthcare costs versus indirect cost of smoking; external and internal costs of smoking, tangible and intangible costs, avoidable and unavoidable costs etc. She then demostrated how to estimate excess healthcare costs due to smoking and provided case studies from countries in Asia and Europe.

-Naseeb Kibria, Institute for Global Tobacco Control


Guoze said...

We should do more research in developing countries to tell the policy makers that the cost of smoking is much higher than revenue from tobacco industry.

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